About me

After finishing Jože Plečnik high school in Ljubljana, I continued my education in Belgrade, Serbia at the Chiron private school where I acquired certificates for 3D animation and modelling in Autodesk Maya. After about 3 years I started learning Unity and first met C#. With it, I could bring together my desire for programming and love of 3D. Because of previous knowledge of MEL I excelled quickly and with the help of .net found answers to my many questions. Their implementation came to life in Unity. 

My first solo project was a simple game for android I called Bird Attack. I soon got the chance to expand my knowledge with the Elan Inventa project where I made an application designed to construct sports halls.

On my own initiative, I daily expand my knowledge with online courses such as Udemy and Youtube channels. I research and learn about new technologies (such as virtual reality). I’m self-initiative, exact and committed to my work. My best quality, in my opinion, is my eagerness to learn new skills and work in creative teams which I have quite some experience with.

I’m currently self-employed. I work on 3D modelling, animation and programming in Unity. 

You can reach me on::