3D generalist and Unity 3d developer
UNITY 3D Elan 3D Virtual Catalog For Elan - a company based in Slovenia I programed a virtual and interactive catalog of their sports equipment, with which Elans sellers can show customers products they are making. Stands, seats, railings, stairs, … all the elements in the application can be manipulated: you can change the colors of chairs, chair covers and railings, switch between models of chairs and their positions on the stands, … The program calculates the number of chairs (based also on their type) it can put in a desired width and height of a space. All your choices are seen in a 3D sports hall; you can make screenshots of chosen setups or take a look at them playing a 180 degrees camera sequence. Elan SPP Also for the company Elan an application for Android was made. I used C # and Unity3D. The application is intended for their technician to check the installed sports equipment in sports halls. Technicians can choose from six different areas of software (goals, baskets, ladders, …). They can check the boxes or write a comment, digitally sign, store the document on the device, also as a .pdf and send it via e-mail.
Sqbzy - Underwater app demo The startup team »Sqbzy« invited me to participate in the development of a demo application, which was required for the potential investors. In the project i was working as a C# programer and 3D modeler. I was texturing and animating the underwater world. In this underwater world you can add underwater plants, aquatic animals. With the click of the mouse you can change the shape of the terrain. For certain aquatic animals you can change their position. You can change the weather and visibility. Two dive modes were made. One was Tour, where the camera goes at a pre-defined path. The second one was a Free ride, where you can move freely in the water. In a very short time, a lot of work was done ..
Interactive 3D boat In collaboration with another agency I finished an interactive 3D boat in Unity. The idea was to make a 3D boat, import it to Unity3D and script it for interactivity. The final product is being used as a learning resource. With the application you can see what is going on with the boat- what can cause problems and what has to be replaced or repaired for its undisturbed operation. In the final stage, we also added images of the real boat, just for referencing the details that I modeled. I was responsible for modeling the 3D boat from scratch to final 3D model. Every pipe, furnishings, rooms, … more than hundreds of details were modeled in Maya and set up in Unity. I did all the 3D modeling, shading and textures of the model. Do you have a question?

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